The 12 Steps

What is the 12-step Program?

Here at Greenery Recovery center, we believe in the 12-steps and use them as the foundation to our programs in combination with our own meditative practices.  All our staff has found recovery through this particular program, which is why we feel so passionate about its abilities, and want to share them with you!

The first 12-step program was established through AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) in the 1930s.  Today it is the most widely used approach when coping with alcoholism, drug and other substance abuse, and dysfunctional behaviors.  These steps over time have been adopted and slightly changed depending on their own goals and hopes.  The 12-steps are to be followed sequentially  to rid an individual from addictive behaviors.  The successes they have can typically be seen through a change in values,  attitudes, personal growth and freedom from the addictive lifestyle.

The 12-Step Program:

1.  Admit Powerlessness

2.  Find Hope

3.  Surrender

4.  Take Inventory

5.  Share My Inventory

6.  Become Ready

7.  Ask God

8.  Make a List of Amends

9.  Make Amends

10.  Continue My Inventory

11.  Pray and Meditate

12.  Help Others

The 12-Step program is considered to be a spiritual program at its heart.  It is found most effective for those individuals who embrace the definition of spirituality that includes most commonly the priniciples of honesty, integrity, humility, and/or love.


The link below has a great interactive approach to understanding the 12-steps and their power.  Take some time to navigate


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