Our Program

The rehabilitation center GRC was founded in 2014 in India by a team of members dedicated to the 12 steps program. Each member went through a year long process of self-healing and personal growth. Having knowledge and experience in chemical dependency, each of the team members chose a common new purpose in life: to help others who want to get rid of this slavish addiction.
Rehabilitation program for alcoholics and drug addicts

The fact that chemical dependency is a disease has been accepted by the medical community all around the world. However, addicts can recover and live happily again without destroying themselves by taking substances that alter consciousness. The team of GRC offers you a particular program of recovery, which is based on the 12 steps program and continues to work for many years.

Our rehabilitation center offers the addict or alcoholic a completely different social habitat. We chose to open our center in India so that an addict is less tempted to terminate the program prematurely and return to his old routines in his habitual environment. The new social surroundings at GRC allows him to fully experience an atmosphere of rehabilitation and enables him to gradually acquire new values in life which will help him to stay sober in the future.

The basis of the recovery plan is based on the 12 step program, which has proven its effectiveness all over the world for 80 years. This program works not only for drug addicts and alcoholics, for whom it’s a real lifeline, but also for relatives and friends who have lost faith in the salvation of their loved ones. The 12 step program was originially formulated for sufferers of alcoholism, but since its advent in the 1930s, the program has been adapted to suit sufferers of substance abuse and dysfunctional behavior. We also incorporate daily meditation and yoga practices to ensure sound body and mind.

Unique meditation practices

One of the key features of our rehabilitation center is to exercise specific meditation practices which have been especially adapted for people suffering from addiction. Within a few weeks, we notice significant internal changes taking place in the addict or alcoholic:

  • the return of hope, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • significant improvement of the physical and mental condition
  • gradual relief of craving for drugs or alcohol
  • revival of interest in spiritual and personal growth
  • opening up of feelings and emotions

GRC is a nonprofit organisation. Since we chose to set up a self-sustaining project, joining the rehabilitation program will be free of charge for those who are experiencing financial difficulties. Contact us and you will learn more details about our work and the conditions of your stay with us.