For relatives

The life of every addict is inevitably intertwined with his/her friends and family. The spouse or partner throws their hands up in despair from the constant argument and broken promises to give up his addiction. Parents grieve over the destruction of their child. Disappointment, outburst of pride, lack of understanding and money are all unavoidable aspects of living with addicts.

The first thing you must understand is that addiction is a disease. Most diseases cause people to go to the doctor, but the disease of addiction is another matter entirely. Alcoholics and drug addicts won’t admit they have a problem. They deny the severity of their situation or come to the belief that nothing can be done. But we want you to know that there is a way out.

We founded The Greenery Recovery Center to help alcoholics and addicts overcome their addictions. We are a non-profit, so we operate solely from donations. We chose India because of the low cost of living and positive feedback from natives. upon arrival, the addict’s lifestyle and attitude will change completely. We strongly believe the absence of familiar places and faces will help in the recovery process.

Modern science has taught us that addiction is a disorder of the stress and hedonic systems. Understanding the nature of the disease shows us that there are two main ways of working with addict.

1. To give the addict workable, credible tools to manage and alleviate stress.

2. To find things more meaningful to each addict other than drugs.

Unfortunately, modern science doesn’t have medicine to cure alcohol and drug addiction, but we have a team of drug free people who are here to work with and support your loved one. We hope their personal stories and experiences will help them find comfort on the path to their new solution.

The Greenery Recovery Center is located in the midst of beautiful, local jungle and only a few kilometeres from the sea. We feel this remote space provides the peace of mind and tranquility that is necessary in order to concentrate on recovery. We offer fresh and healthy foods, yoga and meditation sessions and weekly outings to the local beach.