For Addicts

What do the words ‘drug and alcohol abuse’ mean to you? Do they mean a terrible trap with no way out? Maybe you have thought about how to stop using drugs or drinking; you have visited a drug treatment clinic, sought access to a religion, turned to a therapist or relocated, but in the end you started to use again.  If you feel as though you have lost control over your life, it’s time to ask for help.

Is it possible to stop using drugs or alcohol on your own?

Most team members ask this question daily in desperate attempts to stop using. They tried to stop on their own, asked for help from family and friends, but it didn’t bring the desired results.”I honestly tried to quit drugs and alcohol, but it took me so long to find a way out. Life turned into a nightmare: the reluctance to wake up in the morning, finding money to buy booze, the constant threat of going to jail, regular overdose and obsessive thoughts of suicide. As a result, I almost resigned to life, until I learned the truth about addiction and alcoholism”, said Dmitry who used for 16 years. Dmitry is now sober for 6 years and 1 month.Doctors and psychologists throughout the world agree that chemical dependence is a deadly and progressive disease that can’t be cured completely. The specialists labelled this dependency into the international classification of diseases. Despite the fact that new medicines have been developed over the last few years, global statistics tell us that many addicts relapse into their old habits. But don’t give up hope! There is a way out.  We can offer you a real program which can change your attitude towards life. If you have the determination to succeed, it’s time to start today and join our specialised center in Gokarna.

Our Solution

Rehabilitation is based on the principles of the original 12-steps program, which allows you to stop using drugs or alcohol, as well as get rid of the obsession to use. We have gathered a team of certified healthcare workers and people who have used in the past to share their experiences about staying sober. The rehabilitation process is not regular therapy. The basis of the program is a unique meditation practice that allows you to learn to work with your feelings, regain self-confidence and learn how to use your internal resources and strength to start growing and facing the fears that hinder living sober. We are not affiliated to or associated with any specific religion, so all are welcome to participate in our programme. This is your chance to gain your life back!

The center is located in a beautiful and remote part of India, near the ocean, where it is impossible to buy drugs or alcohol. Your absence from familiar places and temptations will help you concentrate only on your recovery. During your stay you will plunge into an atmosphere of support and be able to regain your physical health, as well as mental and emotional well-being. When you can complete our program, you’ll have acquired the necessary experiences and knowledge to remain sober.

The Greenery Recovery Center is self-sufficient, so we are open to assist for free those who cannot pay the rehabilitation process. Call us anytime and we’ll help you to start your recovery and return to a healthy and happy lifestyle.