About us

The Greenery Recovery Center was founded in India in 2014 by followers of the 12 step program. After many years of battling addiction our team members finally found solution in the 12 step program.  Our goal is to help and support addicts and in particular to share our unique experiences in overcoming addiction.

Our program is a combination of the traditional 12 steps program, mindfulness meditation techniques based on our experiences and yoga classes. The program is by non-religious so all are welcome. Our techniques also include group support and the provision of counselors. Our personal counselors have been through the same experiences as you and are well qualified to assist you.

    Why come to India?

Greenery Recovery Center was founded in India because of the low cost of living. Since we rely on donations to keep the center running, this made India initially very attractive. The beauty of the jungle covered coast line also contributed to India’s physical attractiveness. Additionally, India has an incredible sense of spirituality, we encourage you to join us here and experience it for yourself.

Experience shows that being away from familiar places and faces assist for the recovery process. We have created the ideal conditions for meditation and getting yourself together. Don’t forget that our retreat is located in a green and beautiful part of the country, which will give you peace of mind to concentrate on your recovery.